A futuristic approach to the most advanced technologies, aimed at the repair and enhanced beauty of your hair. Thanks to a company philosophy based on customer wellbeing, Ekre has become one of the best-loved haircare brands and is recognised as a knowledgeable point of reference by sector professionals.  


Specialist treatments for all hair types, professional colour treatments and finishing and styling products have been designed by Ekre to meet the needs of Italian hairdressers, creating a range of products to more easily and successfully deal with the daily challenges of any hair salon.


Ekre’s mission statement comprises three key concepts: inspire, amaze, engage. Constantly on the look out for new trends, we have inspired generations of hairdressers, providing them with tools to amaze clients new and old alike with unparalleled beauty rituals.


Style, innovation and professionalism: these key words in the Ekre philosophy engage the women of the new millennium. Concepts of hair health and sophistication are constantly updated and defined to appeal to the women of today.




Using cutting-edge methods, Ekre laboratories regularly create highly innovative solutions for hair products with amazing formulas, distinguished by impeccable performance and immediate visible results. This is why ever-growing numbers of hairdressers are so passionate about our brand.


By seeking out precious raw materials, following global changes in the hair sector and carefully monitoring the production process of excellent treatments, Ekre places quality as the cornerstone of a structure based on competency, safety, responsibility and effectiveness.


Such high standards of quality make Ekre a point of reference in the Italian haircare sector. The effectiveness of its specialist treatment, colouring and finishing product ranges is based on high concentrations of natural active ingredients, identified and extracted to enhance beauty treatments in the hair salon.




Raw materials, active ingredients and Italian know-how have always been decisive factors in the hair sector: hair products designed and made in Italy are recognised all over the world as the best that a professional can use to optimise the client’s hair health and beauty.


Ekre’s Italian story goes back over many years: born from the outstanding research and experimentation of Comprof, the brand bonds tradition with innovation, offering value-added for professionals choosing these products.


Raw materials and formulas are stringently researched and developed in Italy. From colour, to styling to hair treatments, all Ekre products distill the essence of Italian spirit, offering beauty treatments that can transform haircare into a perfect multi-sensory experience.


The love of detail, grace and sophisicated style of Ekre are the culmination of a story rooted in Italian cosmetic tradition. Through typical values of high quality production and superior cosmetic performance, this tradition is revived today in the salons of all hairdressers who place their trust in the creativity and style of products made in Italy by Ekre.