Luminò – Revitalising Fluid

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Luminò fluid is an essential leave-in conditioner to hydrate, nourish and strengthen damaged hair. After treatment, the hair will appear soft and shiny. Thanks to a special formula created by Ekre laboratories, the fluid restores natural health and beauty to dry and damaged hair: Argan oil and avocado oil ensure restorative, moisturising action thanks to high multi-vitamin content (vitamins A and E). The appearance of hair fibres is improved by antioxidants which hydrate the structure and restore radiance to dull and lifeless hair. Apply Luminò revitalising fluid to damp hair, comb through carefully and dry as normal to achieve shiny, soft and protected hair.

For professional use

150 ml size


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  • Revitalises hair
  • Restores radiance
  • Deep moisturisation of the hair structure
  • Nourishes and strengthens hair fibre
  • Makes hair soft and shiny